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I'm Tina! And..I'm excited about sharing my experiences, tastes, and loves! I am a happily married mom of four kids... ages 22, 20, 18, and 16. Before I started my family, I worked in NYC as a fashion designer. I traveled all over the world shopping for original pieces that would inspire me to create a line of clothing for the company I was working for. I had the opportunity to visit Hong Kong, Paris, London, Amsterdam, and New Delhi on a regular basis... I was pretty lucky.  With the decision to have kids, it was necessary, for me, to change my lifestyle.

After many years devoted to raising my family and being a full-time stay at home mom, I decided to start my own creative business called Kidzsack. I'm giving big props to any woman out there who starts her own business..especially with an art background and not a business background. I custom designed artwork on cotton backsacks that were packaged with eight washable markers. Kids colored, mom washed, and kids could recolor...making it an eco-friendly reusable bag... Oh the joy. I learned many lessons in the seven years I devoted to Kidzsack. The biggest..know how the hell to cost your product and make money! Also, have a great support system around you. I was lucky to have close friends offer to become sales reps and even lend a hand to get orders out (in the earlier years), and these moms really kicked ass. I was extremely fortunate.

After Kidzsack, I decided to take a break from business and do something really meaningful, where I could make a difference. I became a teacher's assistant in my town's high school. I have an administrative background that preceded fashion design, and as it turns out... I am really good at editing, proofreading, and helping with research papers...who knew! This brings me to the present... school's out for summer, and I'm going to chill, read, read, and read even more, and go on some fabulous adventures with my family!

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