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Customer Service..You're Welcome

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Covid has brought many changes for people across the world. Its unpredictability has left most of us stressed and very anxious. No one knew what this new, ugly, and devastating virus would become, and no one knows how long it will last..we're all just stuck home..miserable..waiting for our lives to continue! UGH!

As we try to navigate our lives in a new world, many of us have had our jobs and careers changed on us, literally. A lot of us have been furloughed. A great many of us have gone from the office to the 'home' office...working in our kitchens, bedrooms, or our own office (if we're lucky enough to have that space.) Working remote is a new norm..who knew? This also asks the question, "Will employers now reevaluate their business plan?" Will they revise their businesses to have more employees working from home instead of the office? It's a win win for them. Think about it. This will mean smaller work spaces, lower bills, possible removal of health benefits..less OVERHEAD in general. And what does this mean for retail and restaurants? I mean, everything's been shut down, while others have just started opening. Phase 1, 2, and 3...who's keeping track? Amazon is thriving because everyone and their mother is shopping online. Amazon is seriously killin' it. I don't think this is the end of brick and mortar stores, but it's going to be a long while before we're back to business as usual, sadly.

My life as a travel agent ended in March. AAA relocated me to Road Side Service (god help me), and I have been working most of my fellow travel agents since then. Let's be real; travel for everyone ended in March. Tour companies and cruise lines across the board have stopped services throughout 2020. I still get my daily travel emails, but it's pretty depressing. The Caribbean islands are finally opening up..but who knows when that will end. All the plans and itineraries I had put together for clients are now on hold till God knows when.

My Travel Agent Peeps

I miss my coworkers! The girls and I at The Deck in Salisbury enjoying drinks...cause Lord knows we need'm! And the last pic is of Brenda and I in Boston touring the Norwegian Gem (the Bermuda bound cruise ship). Good Day..lunch was on them!

But back to my stellar customer service...

I love the human connection. I love talking to people and genuinely helping them. That's probably the one thing I have going for me regarding my new 'position.' I am not a robot though..and even though I'm given required prompts to follow for roadside calls, I do put my own spin on things. I have to..I need that HUMAN CONNECTION! I like being personable and feeling like I am making a difference for the better. I do know this..most of the people I talk to on the phone are in the same boat I'm in! So...there is that.

For the most part, I get pleasant call-service requests, i.e. flat tire, tow, battery, etc. But every now and then, I do get a complete asshat. I've been told by management to 'kill them with kindness'. Uhhh, not always so easy..I mean, I'm 55..I've paid my dues and worked with/for assholes when I was younger. I'm kind of over that at this point in my life. The next time you call AAA for road service, BE NICE!!!

I'm all about making people's' dreams come true..that's why I got involved in the Travel industry. Learning about new destinations and putting itineraires and vacation packages together is a pleasure!! Oh well...maybe someday. Thanks a lot Covid!

"Hello, this is Tina, AAA Road Service. How Can I help you?"

Me at my desk..doing my thang!

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