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Empty Nesters..Sort of

Covid19 is definitely putting a damper on the excitement of college, but I suppose we are all in the same boat and figuring things out as they come our way. We packed up our daughter, Fiona, for her junior year at UMass Amherst and moved her into her apartment. About this time last year, I was skeptical about her having an apartment and the costs of living off campus. However, with Covid in play, we are lucky she had the lease, because UMass decided on ONLY allowing freshmen and sophomores on campus for the 2020 fall semester. We would have been SOL if she had decided with on campus housing. She's said that life at school is different...a lot of her friends are home because they didn't get housing, and being off campus and remote is lonely at times. The school is vacant, the party scene is non existent, and campus is a ghost there you have it. What's interesting is...I'm still being charged full price..even though my daughter isn't allowed to use facilities on campus - which include the library, gym, and classrooms. the end of the day,YES, I am happy she's at school, and she's happy she's at school. #SCAM #notcool #umass #amherst #umassamherst #college #dorms #collegenews

Fiona's new apartment at UMass..looking good. Check out her chalk painted, distressed dresser..and she's cheesing it up with Anne in this pic. #roomies #apartmentliving

Meanwhile, at URI, we just moved Colby, our last of four, into his college dorm. URI allowed only 4,000 kids on campus, and he was lucky to be included in that number. URI does seem to have a better handle on dealing with Covid than UMass. They've been testing students regularly and have a separate quarantine dorm on the ready. They are moving full steam ahead with a plan in place (thank you!). He may be physically at school, but his classes are half virtual and half in class, and housing broke up his triple, leaving him in a single...which kinda sucks for him. Although his dorm is really nice and new, it's quiet and the college vibe just isn't the same. Appointments need to made to use the gym, and there is absolutely no eating in the dining halls..everything is grab and go (WHILE...I am still paying full price for dining halls..#notfair). Life is moving along for him, but he's also feeling the ramifications of school/life in the era of Covid. #URI #Kingstown #CollegeatURI #Collegelife

We are just about empty nesters now. The last of our kids just left for college and...I'm lonely! Ryan's the only one home, and when he isn't working..he's writing. So..he's never around either. I knew the house would be quiet...but this is crazy! I find myself just listening to the silence sometimes. Just kinda standing in the family room thinking...there is no noise! Where'd everyone go! This college business happens so quickly. One minute your kids are in diapers and the're packing them up for school, reflecting on all the years that just went by at lightning speed. I've mentally prepared myself for this moment. Or so I thought. I don't want to sound selfish..I'm excited for my kids' next venture. I was all about doing the college tours and being on top of college applications. Each of my kids had a thick college binder that I had organized to the T; I was completely invested in the college process. I look forward to seeing them become independent and come into their own and can't wait to hear the fun stories they share with me, but it's quiet here!

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