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Enjoying the Journey

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

This is me...wearing my favorite pink blazer while training at AAA Travel!

New beginnings, new job, and new faces. If there are two things I really love sinking my teeth into, it's preparing and working through the college admissions process and planning family vacations! These are areas that I tend to become completely involved and obsessed with. I love the research, planning, and end result that go with both. I've worked at my local high school for the past five years as a teacher's aide, and although I've enjoyed working with the kids at the high school level, I have decided to make a career change. After looking at colleges in my area for career opportunities and not finding anything with a good fit, I have decided to take a position as a travel agent with AAA Travel. It's something I've never done before, but I do love discovering new places, the history involved, and the itinerary planning when putting a trip together. The next three months will include intense training on our travel partners, booking engines, and computer software in general. I'm not extremely computer it should be interesting.

Month 1

In these first four weeks, my training has been INTENSE. My initial filling out of new employee paperwork paralleled getting clearance from the federal government; I have to say, AAA takes their security very seriously. So far, my work weeks have consisted of webinars, testing of webinars, and shadowing the agents at the branch I'm training in. My day is long and eyes are tired by five o'clock. I'm taking in a ton of information..hopefully I'm processing some of it. It's questionable. I'll be happy when the hands on training comes into play. I'm definitely someone who learns more by doing than by watching...especially when it's on a computer screen. #Jobtraining #intense #travelagent

Month 2

As I close up on my second month of training, I realize that I'm basically learning a whole new language. The travel vendors AAA works with have their own booking engines, and there are a number of vendors they work with. I've spent my days learning how to invoice, book cruises and vacation packages, and understand the importance of each vacation location to my client. I have enjoyed learning the different itineraries, and this is something I would love to sink my teeth into going forward. I've discovered that I thoroughly enjoy reading about a destination's itinerary as well as the history that goes with it. #Vacationplanning #vacationitinerary #AAATravel

Month 3

And...I am finished! I wrapped up my Start to Finish training last Thursday in Providence which marked the end of my training. It's official...I am a travel agent! I'm looking forward to building relationships with future travelers, helping to make their vacation dreams come true.

So far, I've booked one cruise for a family of three, and it put a big smile on my face to know I was creating future memories..and magical moments for this family. I found out the mom is putting this under her Christmas tree, and this gift is going to be a complete surprise. How awesome is that. Her family hasn't been on vacation in many, many years, and she's had to save for quite a while to make this trip possible. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she emails me a few pics from her Norwegian Cruise Line cruise out of Boston to Bermuda next year. So happy for her...big feels! #NCL #Cruise #AAAProvidence #AAANortheast #AAATravel #Vacation #Travelexplore #creatingmemories #wonderfulplaces #letstravel #amazingdestination

AAA offers so many great vacation products!

If you need help planning your next vacation...whether it's a cruise, Caribbean package, or Europe excursion, do not hesitate to contact me! I am all about stress free travel, enjoying the journey, taking in new sights, and checking off that bucket list trip! #tinahillloves #bucketlist

Yours Truly, Tina Hill

Your Personal Travel Specialist

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