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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

With Covid still around and a pesky fly you can't get rid of, I've taken it upon myself to reach my inner artist. I've been getting my hands dirty doin all kinds of stuff. My newest splurge has been finding inexpensive (throw-away) pieces on Facebook Marketplace and repainting them. When I'm not being creative, I'm basically running around my house with a paintbrush, touching up anything within sight. This is what Covid has turned me into...a part-time touch up painter, crazy lady.

Purchased this solid wood table for $20 on Facebook Marketplace. I used two coats of chalk paint to cover and distressed with clear wax and and antiquing wax.

And the finished product:

But...I've also been spending a lot of time on Instagram checking out new artists and interesting new art techniques that involve collage style. This is mainly because this is a process I can sink my teeth into, using acrylics with brushes and palette knives. I've been itching to get back into being creative (not just refinishing furniture and touching up my house). Sitting behind a desk all day, working remotely, has me not only cranky (and borderline nasty) but also wanting to poke my eyes out...true story.

I've made it my mission and a top priority to focus on 'me time.' Writing my blog is keeping me busy, but I feel like I need more. I've always been a fan of the arts. I love it all...whether it's painting, music, film, writing, or theatre, I truly enjoy all these areas. Sketching, painting in acrylic and oils, and even using charcoals are mediums I can get lost in. As of late, mixed media has become my latest interest, as a lot of collage art uses this method. I've found some amazing talent on Instagram, and I'm using that inspiration to guide me towards my own unique creations. Check out my #topfav on #instagram and give this artist a follow! #inspiration #mixedmedia #acrylicpainting

@yossikotlerart on Instagram FABULOUS!!!!! I'm completely obsessed!

Creativity runs deep in family's DNA. My own children demonstrate gifts in songwriting, singing, and writing. My oldest son is the published author of Barking Madness, and he's currently working on his third book (while trying to get representation for book two). My mother can draw, paint, knit, crochet, and is extremely crafty. She makes all kinds of crafts, including custom and themed wreaths. My dad has made beautiful chess boards, and he has sculpted beautiful pieces out of wood. My sister is an interior designer, but she is also an amazing sculptor, and her daughter, Emily, is showing a promising future as a painter/artist. There's a lot to work with much talent. I believe we all have a gift within us..find it..nurture it..and let it grow! #creative #creativity #crafts #writer #literaryagent #horror

Emily's painting (she's 13!). She used wooden board scraps from my backyard. #talent #artist

I'm loving the concept of using acrylics on wooden boards as well as canvas. My vision is to incorporate mixed media onto scrap wooden boards and even boards washed up onto the beach...we'll see it how goes. Beach and farmhouse decor is my go to, so I believe the shabby, rustic wooden boards are a great idea for a canvas. I'm definitely going to put my hand to painting ocean landscapes as well as portraits. Now more than ever, it's important to engage in activities that will help reduce stress and keep our mental health in check. Being cooped up at home can easily lead to depression, so having a creative outlet will only help. #acrylics #canvis #portraits #farmhousedecor #beachdecor #rustic #stressrelief it's not perfect. I've only just started this process tho. I have a long way to go.

I've got my office set up..loaded up with gear from Michaels, and I'm ready to begin the creative process. I'm going to use favorite images from my phone and begin transferring them onto different canvases. Again, I'm thinking pics from Bar Harbor..because I love the mountains, oceanviews from Plum Island, and portraits of friends and family members. Aside from my new painting venture, I'm also going to dive headfirst into crafting. Whether it's repainting old furniture, making new Christmas name tags (love making custom ones from old Christmas cards), or trying my hand collage at collage art, I'm all in. #Michaels #refinishedfurniture #chalkpaint #Collageart #Christmas #AllIn

Daytime workstation on one side & artist's station at night. #artistslife #ampainting

Fiona hand painted this table...not too shabby.

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