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What Fashion Means to Me

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

For as long as I can remember, I have had a love for fashion and drawing. When I was younger, there was never a time when I wasn't sketching, doodling, or just daydreaming about trends. I was a nightmare in school because I was my mind was always anywhere but the! Pay attention moms..this is a huge sign of creativity that should be nurtured and not frowned upon. Anyway...I ended up exactly where I was meant to be..the Fashion Institute of Technology, FIT, in New York City.

As an adult, I can tell you this..nothing gets me more excited than finding a great fashion piece, bargain, or discovering an awesome fashion blogger that just..gets it! Working as a fashion designer in NYC in my 20's has influenced my tastes greatly. I refer to that time period as my heyday...anyway. Loving fashion is ingrained into my dna..just is. I love color and fabrics, sportswear and couture! I love the detail that goes into fine sewing and appreciate the drapery involved in eveningwear. The ability to drape is a talent! I am also inspired by the skill to merchandise apparel properly and display it in a way that speaks to the consumer. I mean..who doesn't get excited about seeing an awesome display window or a store that is color coordinated with cool stuff! I love when merchandisers have done the work for you, which makes putting your wardrobe together..easy!

There are a lot of cool fashion influencers out there who do a great job of posting new, vintage, and current fashion. My dearest and oldest friend, Janet Kelly, pictured below has a great eye for fashion and her closet is filled with pieces that are top quality. She can be found on Instagram @JanetKellyStyle. She has a gift for merchandising and is an amazing stylist. If you're looking for wardrobe help, do not hesitate to DM her.

My other favorite blogger for casual everyday fashion is Fashion Jackson, The love I have for this blogger is tremendous! She posts super cute fashion and staple pieces that you'll have forever! I loved this camel sweater coat so much..and patiently waited for it to go on sale..and it did! I got for $59.99 on

Thank you Fashion Jackson!!! She is just adorable! And OMG...I also bought the Chanel knockoffs she's wearing by Sam Edelman! LOVE THEM!

I'm lucky to be surrounded by a lot of great women who not only have wonderful taste in fashion but also in home decor, books, and cooking! But let's get back to the fashion part..

I am going to really enjoy posting my cool fashion finds and where you can purchase them, which will include instagram and other social media. If I come across something relevant, I will share. I'm not greedy like that. In the meantime, these are a few of my #topfav finds!

* Oversized Jackets are always a must & If you can get your hands on an authentic Gucci belt, GO FOR IT! I'm always looking! Janet's wearing an original #Queen #Divastatus

*Cheetah flats/booties - HELLO!! Staple pieces!

*Cropped pants - are year round - not just for warmer weather

*Long cozy cardigans are perfect for the fall

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