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Senior Move In at Clemson

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

It's another year and another move in for my oldest daughter at Clemson University. I am truly sad to be thinking that this is her senior and final year at what I call 'School of Dreams.' Seriously...I love this school so much that it's a little crazy. From the minute she arrived as a freshman, I was in complete awe of this football phenom of a school, and my love for college football began. Maybe that's it...after so many years of watching football but never truly understanding it, I now do. But it's actually more than that. Football in the South is intense. Going to the games, tailgating, and being a part of the Clemson culture is amazing...there is nothing like it. Thank you Dabo for being an awesome coach!

We started our journey at 4:50 am and five gas stops later, we arrived at her townhouse at 8:30 pm. It was a long, mostly-rainy drive, which didn't turn truly dangerous until the last few hours, when people had their hazards on because the torrential downpours created zero visibility on the highway. But until that point, we drove enjoying all the beautiful farms along the way and just being happy in each other's company. After unpacking the following morning and cleaning up her place, we did our big grocery shop at Walmart and made ourselves an awesome dinner of Chicken Salsa Verde (easy and delish) with a side of rice. After dinner, we went to see the movie Crazy Rich Asians...which was crazy fabulous. Five stars all the way. LOVED! #Travel #Adventure #CollegeRoadTrip #Walmart #Delish #ChickenSalsaVerde #Seniors #CrazyRichAsians #Movies #GirlsNight

Monday, my last full day with her, as I was leaving Tuesday afternoon for my flight home out of Greenville, we took in the day by enjoying a walk around Lake Keowee. We followed that up with shopping and an early dinner at Brioso. A downtown boutique favorite of ours is Entourage. The prices are affordable, and they offer a nice assortment of clothing and accessories (including game day ensembles). I just bought my daughter a super cute orange and purple romper and denim shortalls with an orange tube top. Pair that with brown leather cowboy boots, and my girl is good to go! Clemson was having their annual welcome festival while we were downtown eating, and it was fun to watch all the new freshmen take everything in. Vendors had tents set up along College Avenue, their was a band playing, and the cheerleaders were even doing their thing. It was a lively afternoon that was entertaining and welcoming. After dinner, we relaxed and watched our weekly addiction Bachelor in Paradise. We didn't make it the Botanical Gardens..but I'll make sure to visit in May for graduation. #Brioso #CollegeAvenue #Clemson #EntourageClothing #LakeKeowee #ClemsonWelcomeFestival

,We started our Tuesday morning with a frittata (that she could reheat for dinner) and a drive by of the new dorms. We didn't make it to the new shopping center which features Marshalls, Ulta and more...but I'm sure she's made it there by now. After relaxing for bit, we were headed to Greenville for my departure. It was a wonderful three days, and I feel confident that she's off to a great start for her senior year. No tears...We'll be seeing her for the October homecoming game and then in November for Thanksgiving. My husband has business in Greenville and gets to visit with her when he's there. I am thrilled that she has had the opportunity to get a quality education at a top public university, and I have no doubt that she will create incredible memories this last year. #GreenvilleSC #ClemsonFamily #CollegeDays

Moving in freshman year and giving her younger brother a view of dorm life to having a night out with her dad as a senior. Life goes by fast..and she's enjoying every minute of it.

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